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“For us, it’s just part of the people who are already … being careful about what they are putting into their bodies.” (Source: Associated Press)


Runa Co-Founder and Co-CEO Tyler Gage and Dan MacCombie discuss the company’s sustainable beverage business with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Relive your favorite destinations… with food. (Source: Conde Nast Traveler)


Runa receives words of praise in Richard Branson’s Screw Business as Usual, a book he wrote to encourage entrepreneurs to look beyond profit margins and create businesses that do well for people and planet as well as for profit.


The March 2011 issue of SELF Magazine listed guayusa as the new “it” food to help gain energy.


“Your mind is like a steel trap, albeit one that’s rusted shut. Get back in the zone with brewed Amazonian guayusa, courtesy of Brooklyn-based tea operation Runa.”


“7 Teas We Can’t Stop Drinking Right Now”


“Some people prefer tea to coffee for this reason. Others guzzle energy drinks. There’s a new option: Guayusa.”


“Guayasa is known to have many health benefits, including immune support, digestive aid, and appetite suppressant.”


“Take Runa Tea. It’s a new brand of tea that comes from the guayusa leaf in the Amazon jungle in Ecuador. When someone buys a bottle, part of the profits go to social programs for indigenous family farmers there.”


“There was also another component to Runa that caught my eye. Tyler and Dan have combined their Runa business with altruism and concern for the environment”

“Runa co-founders, Dan MacCombie and Tyler Gage, were honored to be included in this year’s Forbes 30 under 30 list in the Food and Wine category”

“I can be an extremist with things, at times. When I find something I really like, I become wholly consumed by it and feel a need to tell everyone it’s the best damn thing I’ve ever had. My newest tea obsession is no different…”

“I will highly recommend this herbal tea to anyone who is trying to fight coffee addiction, but still needs a caffeine fix in the morning, or someone who is adventurist and explorer in the world of tea traditions.”

“Guayusa tastes goof and boast man y health benefits including immune support, digestive aid and appetite suppressant.”


“Runa looseleaf products benefit locals, too”


“An all-natural source of energy and nutrition, a cup of guayusa can produce a clear mind and focused energy.”

“The cup is eyebrow raisingly smooth with no bitterness.”

“Brews a nutritious, stimulating tea, and carries with it an Amazonian legacy of cultural responsibility and sustainability.”

“The mint is very good. I could drink this daily. Of course now I want to educate myself on Guayusa, and try some others. This is great though!”