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Perhaps the most highly prized feature of guayusa is the distinctively smooth, clean taste it has when brewed. There are no tannins in the guayusa leaf, so it lacks the astringent, bitter taste sometimes associated with green and black teas.

It is a longstanding cultural tradition among indigenous Kichwa families to gather before dawn and drink guayusa. During this early-morning ritual, family members share dreams, myths, and legends. Hunters also drink guayusa before nighttime hunting trips in order to become acutely aware and focused – for this reason guayusa is often called “The Night Watchman.

The guayusa used to brew Runa’s beverages is grown exclusively by indigenous farming families. The guayusa is grown in biodiverse forest gardens called “chacras,” interspersed among other crops and vegetation. It is a shade-grown plant that cannot flourish on cleared land – instead, it needs to be located beneath taller trees. Thus, the growing of guayusa provides an incentive to maintain the rainforest.


Health Benefits

The compounds found in guayusa offer a wide range of holistic health benefits from calming the nervous system to cardiovascular health.

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Traditional Uses

Traditionally, indigenous families wake up together at dawn to drink guayusa. They sit around the communal fire drinking gourds full of guayusa until sunrise.

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Gauayusa is endemic to the Upper Amazon regions of Ecuador, Peru, and Columbia, it is estimated that over 98% of the guayusa trees in the world are located in Ecuador.