• Runa Focused Energy

  • Runa has created a new market for guayusa. While widely consumed throughout indigenous communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon, farmers have never had access to sell guayusa on the international market until now.
  • Runa pays an additional 15% social premium to the Producer Executive Body in Ecuador that funds a savings account used for community development projects. The PEB represents all the guayusa producing communities that work with Runa. Each of these communities is represented by a local coordinator who is responsible for open communication between their community and the PEB.
  • Beyond our organic certification, Runa seeks to use guayusa as a vehicle for good environmental stewardship. Fundacion Runa, our non-profit partner, works with farmers to research the impacts and benefits guayusa production has on the local environment. Fundacion Runa also works with our communities to help design land management plans that designate conservation areas and forest reserves.
  • By creating a Fair Trade market for guayusa, Runa has generated an alternative income stream that continues to raise the standard of living of indigenous farmers.
  • Check out our store locator to find out where you can purchase guayusa locally. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with Runa news and giveaways.
  • We believe that it's time for a new kind of energy. Energy that allows us to live a stimulating life: fully engaged and full of curiosity. Energy to do more of what we love and are called to do. Sustainable energy that attracts, connects, expands, and propels us into the world with a clear mind and an open heart.